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Medical Cannabis Access is fast and simple when you are working with Cannvalate. We coordinate Australia’s largest network of medicinal cannabis clinics and have some of the most experienced doctors who are expert at cannabis related treatment options for patients.

At Cannvalate, our goal is to help you get the information you need to decide whether cannabis could benefit you. Our mission is to help you easily navigate the patient journey with advice from Australian registered health practitioners and our team of care navigators. Our vision is to provide simple and fast legal access to medicinal cannabis to patients all over Australia.

We look forward to assisting further if want to explore if this treatment is right for you.

We’re Working For You

We’ve assembled a team of doctors and care navigators that are passionate about helping our patients access medical cannabis products in Australia. We’re 100% Australian-owned and we’re dedicated to bringing information and access to the everyday Australian.

Getting access to medicinal cannabis can be a difficult, confusing and expensive process. But our team of registered clinicians is here to make sure that you have an easy, smooth and cost effective application and approval process.

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We Know What We’re Doing

Cannvalate’s network of doctors have obtained more application approvals than most other companies in the industry, all while making the process simple and fast for our patients. You get access to some of the most experienced doctors in the field, but at reasonable prices. We have a network of consultants available via video, face-to-face and Telehealth, and we are available to help you every step of the way – from determining whether you’re eligible for medicinal cannabis therapies to submitting your final application to finding a local pharmacy to dispense your therapy. Cannvalate is continually growing our network to ensure we can provide fast and simple access to our patients.

Meet Dr Gal Wong – MBBS (Melb.) BMedSc.

Dr Gal Wong is part of Cannvalate’s medical education team and is passionate about helping Australians understand how to access cannabinoid-based products legally. He has worked with our team to prepare clinical pathways for our doctors to help you decide if this treatment is right for you.

Dr Wong is a lecturer at university of Melbourne and Monash university and holds a graduate degree in tertiary (adult) education in addition to his medical background. Dr Wong was one of the first doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis in Australia and has since seen thousands of patients.

While medical cannabis has been legal in Australia since 2016, doctors and patients are frustrated by the complex, time-intensive and expensive process required to obtain the necessary approvals to get a prescription for cannabis therapies. Many doctors still don’t understand the complexities of medicinal cannabis treatment and are reluctant to prescribe this therapy to pateints. Dr Wong is passionate about supporting doctors and patients and runs regular workshops and one-on-one sessions with other doctors to help them understand this therapy so they can look after their patients.

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