The team at MCRC, the Medicinal Cannabis Research Collaboration, are excited to announce that we’re conducting an important study of patients and medicinal cannabis therapy.

 MCRC is an organisation that specialises in the new field of cannabis research and is proud to be associated with Cannvalate, a pioneer in connecting eligible patients with medicinal cannabis treatment.  Over the last 12 months, Cannvalate has help patients access over 15,000 consults – and our research team is particularly interested in the knowledge gained from these patients and their experience.

 We are very grateful for patients that have commenced treatment through Cannvalate and have agreed to participate in this study.  Insights gained in this review will be valuable for guiding existing and future patients alike!

 For any of you who have volunteered to participate, please look out for an email titled, ‘Medicinal Cannabis Cross-sectional Study’ that will be sent to you over the next couple of weeks for a link to this questionnaire.  The questions will give you an opportunity to let us know about a broad range of issues, both related to treatment and about your experience in general.  This study will be open to complete over the next 3 weeks to ensure you have time to contribute, and brief reminders will be sent out over this period of time.

 Please note that the information gathered for this study does not impact your treatment through Cannvalate, and taking part in this is purely voluntary.

 For any of you that are interested in participating in this study but have not received an email – please contact us at and we’ll be happy to send an extra link to enable you to have your say.

If you would like to speak with one of the team regarding this, please kindly complete the pre-screening questionnaire on our website

Thank you and take care,


Chief Medical Officer