Impression HealthCare Limited (ASX: IHL) provides new ways for consumers to access high-quality, personalized, dental health products. It aims at disrupting the way Australians access quality, custom-fit mouth-guards and also making them approachable for individuals, schools and sports clubs across the nation.

The company today on 21 March 2019 announced that it had entered a collaboration with Cannvalate Pty Ltd after it has executed a binding agreement. The collaboration includes two conditions including a full-service wholesale purchase and distribution agreement for the sale of cannabis medicines into the growing network of medical professionals of Cannvalate, and the undertaking of four clinical trials leveraging Impressions existing intellectual property and profile within the dental industry and sporting communities.

Cannvalate has the largest network of medicinal cannabis prescribing clinics across Australia and accounts for more than thirty per cent of all medicinal cannabis prescriptions in Australia.

The CEO and co-founder, Dr. Sud Agarwal, is a specialist in anesthesia and also the medical director of Cann Group Limited (ASX: CAN) previously. Cannvalate has a medical advisory board including nine medical professionals who have significant medical expertise with a strong and has quickly developed network including more than 1000 doctors and 600 pharmacies capable of prescribing and dispensing medicinal cannabis products.

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