Cannvalate Licensing Services

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Services Price list

We Provide Cannvalate Licensing For

ODC Licenses

State Licenses

Local Government (Planning Permits)

TGA Compliance

The Cannvalate team has a combined 14 years of experience in cannabis licensing, TGA certification and council planning permits.

We Accelerate The Time
Required For All Your License
Applications By Utilising

  • Critical Path Method (CPM) software and Gantt charting to identify the shortest, lowest cost & lowest risk methodology to achieve compliance.
  • Expert-level consultants in security clearance, SOP preparation, GMP, town planning and TGA documentation.
  • Comprehensively prepared dossiers to maximise the chance of first submission success without Request for Further Information.

Licensing Services Inclusions

Cannvalate Licensing Services Include:

  • Site-specific Standard Operating Procedures
  • Pertinent Business Documents
  • Risk Management Plan & Assessment
  • Detailed Security Plan
  • Site & Floor Plans
  • Compliance Interpretation
  • Local Government and SES Engagement
  • Local Service Providers
  • Narrative Application Content
  • Import/Export

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